BitFenix expands into lower-end market with BPA and DC-DC BFB series

Posted on April 6, 2016, 11:09

#For a long time, BitFenix only had one line - the Fury series, based on the mediocre FSP Aurum. Now they extend their lineup with two more series; one group regulated and one with DC-DC.

Entry including the new series
Entry including the new series


Model OEM Platform Technology Efficiency +12V capacity
Cables Number of PCI-e connectors Input voltage


GPN with updated DC-DC VRM
  DC-DC, synchronous rectification, 100% Japanese-brand caps
Fixed 2x 6+2pin


4x 6+2pin
BF700B 58A


  Group regulated
Standard 230V

(not official)
Fixed 2x 6+2pin 230V only
BPA600 46W

BFB series

The BFB "BitFenix Formula Bronze" series consists of four models capable of 400W, 500W, 600W and 700W power output at 80+ Bronze efficiency. Their most notable feature is the implementation of DC-DC converters on the secondary side, instead of the cheap but outdated group regulation scheme. They are built by CWT, and seem to use an updated version of their GPN platform (known from Cooler Master GM or Chieftec A90) with a new design for the VRM board.

BitFenix BFB overview
BitFenix BFB overview
CWT GPN standard VRM module<br>
CWT GPN standard VRM module
Photo courtesy of TPU


Capacitor photoshopping

BitFenix advertises the use of exclusively Japanese-brand capacitors in the units, and they do show up in the 400W and the 600W version - but interestingly that's not the case with BitFenix' own promotional samples from their website, where their units use the CWT standard cap selection for this platform - unimpressive JunFu WG and CapXon GF. What is even funnier, they even photoshopped these caps on their photos to look like the Japanese Chemi-Cons in the retail versions. See for yourself:

Of course, this is completely fine as long as the actual retail units still use full Japanese-brand capacitors.

80Plus code error

If you look up the BFB series in the 80+ certification index, you will see that the 500W, 600W and 700W units have an Ecos ID number corresponding with the CWT GPK platform. If you hadn't seen the insides, this could trick you into thinking that new BitFenix PSUs use this design too. The Ecos ID lookup may look impressive in cases where it actually works, but unfortunately it's not a reliable way of researching the origins of new PSUs - the same Ecos ID can be assigned to many units using different platforms, not the same one.

BPA series

The second line of units BitFenix releases is the BPA. There is no mention of this line on the company website. The currently known models are BPA500 and BPA600, built by CWT on their GPM platform and accepting 230V input only. The same design can be found in Corsair VS series, Thermaltake Smart SE series or Cooler Master B v2 series; it makes up for the old group regulation scheme with exceptionally well-suppressed ripple for its price point.

BitFenix BPA600
BitFenix BPA600
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