CWT's first 80+ Titanium, digital platform will appear in Thermaltake's and Enermax' upcoming units

Posted on June 4, 2015, 14:14

We've already covered CWT's upcoming flagship design a good while ago. This year's Computex reveals more units based on this design: the upcoming Enermax "DigiTitanium" EDT1250EWT and Thermaltake's Toughpower DPS G TPG-1250D-T.

Here's what Enermax themselves have to say about their product:

ENERMAX is proud to introduce its next generation flagship power supply- DIGITYTAN and Platimax DS at Computex 2015. DIGITYTAN 1250W is designed to meet 80PLUS® Titanium with over 94% efficiency @ 115VAC along with a brand-new Digital PWM topology. Both DIGITYTN and Platimax DS feature full modular cable design, 100% 105°C Japanese electrolytic capacitors, ENERMAX’s patented Twister Bearing fan, HeatGuard and ENERMAX exclusively ZDPMS (Zero Delay Power Monitoring System) digital control interface as well.

 The part about "Digital PWM topology" makes it plausible that the CWT CST platform does use an MCU in place of analog PFC/PWM circuits, which would make it "truly digital" and only the second design of this kind so far. Other power supplies that you've seen advertised as digital only have the digital chip mounted somewhere on the secondary side, which does allow you to monitor things like efficiency, voltages, and sometimes even control the fan profile or multirail settings, but they do not take part in the actual rectification process.
Up to this point, there was only one PSU line that could truly be considered digital - Corsair AXi series.


Thermaltake didn't disclose a lot of information about their CWT CST-based design yet, but we can safely conclude that it will be similar, if not identical, to Enermax' unit, save for the digital application user interface, which will obiously be Thermaltake themed. Since CWT CST seems like a truly digital unit, Thermaltake couldn't simply "detach" the digital features from their PSU even if they wanted, without CWT having to create an entirely different design.

Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G TPG-1250D-T
Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G TPG-1250D-T


CWT CST-1250, Enermax EDT1250EWT, Thermaltake TPG-1250D-T
OEM Platform +5V +3.3V +12V -12V +5VSB Efficiency Cables
CWT CST 20A 20A 104A 0.3A 3A 80+
Fully modular
100W 1248W 3.6W 15W
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