Enermax employs Fortech Electronics as the OEM of their Platimax D.F. line

Posted on March 26, 2016, 18:00

#Enermax' OEMs of choice for the last few years were CWT and Yue-Lin. After seeing the internals of their newest Platimax D.F. line, you could recognize the platform as the one used in PSUs such as Segotep GP600G or ZP500P-SG, which are manufactured by Fortech Electronics. Today's factory documents confirm that.

Enermax/Fortech factory documents detailing the Platimax D.F. series.
Enermax/Fortech factory documents detailing the Platimax D.F. series.
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About 2 weeks ago, ComputerBase posted an article with the new series' internals. The platform is the one we've already seen in power supplies like Segotep GP600G or ZP500P-SG.

Enermax D.F.<br>
Enermax D.F.
Photo courtesy of ComputerBase
Segotep GP600G & ZP500P-SG
Segotep GP600G & ZP500P-SG
Photo courtesy of zol.com.cn

There was some speculationwhether Enermax D.F. they come directly from Fortech's factory (like the Segoteps), or the platform is outsourced to a different OEM - like Yue Lin, who already collaborates with Enermax and Lepa (both are brands of Ecomaster).

Today we learn that the Enermax D.F. line is indeed manufactured at Fortech Electronics.

"Segotep" is a brand of Xingu, which is known as Colorful in non-Asian countries. Fortech Electronics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Colorful, and that's where they manufacture power supplies. They make units for their own brands (like Segotep), but also for foreign contractors, like Enermax.

The platform Fortech uses for Segotep GP600G, ZP500P-SG or Enermax D.F. is partially inspired by ATNG's AG-305 platform.

ATNG AG-305 (photo flipped for easier comparison)
ATNG AG-305 (photo flipped for easier comparison)
Courtesy of ComputerBase
ATNG's AG-305 and Fortech's Enermax D.F.<br>
ATNG's AG-305 and Fortech's Enermax D.F.
ATNG's photo courtesy of TechPowerUP

The introduction of the D.F. line increases the number of OEMs Enermax collaborates with to 3 - so far it's CWT, Yue-Lin and now Fortech. Remember that it's always the performance and quality of the design that counts, and not the hands who assembled the components.

PSU enthusiasts are eager to discover test results once the new line gets reviewed, and are hopeful that it will meet their demands.

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