EVGA expands the BQ series in collaboration with a new OEM

Posted on November 30, 2016, 18:51

#The current EVGA BQ models on the market, 850/750/650W, are made by HEC. EVGA now added a 600W, 500W and lower wattage models to this line, using an OEM they haven't worked with before.

The new models are BQ 600W, 500W (these two are already available on the market) and a few lower-wattage ones that have been planned but may or may not be released. They are made by Andyson, an OEM new for EVGA. 

Certification file fragment
Certification file fragment

These models have all of their power available on the +12V rail, which means they use DC-DC voltage regulation technology for sure. The exact platform is unknown for now.

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