EVGA plans to expand lowest-end "N1" series with 750/650/550W units, B series with 800B unit, and W1 series with 700W unit

Posted on April 19, 2016, 17:42

#While EVGA has a lot of mid-end and high-end units under the common "Supernova" brand (divided into smaller series), they also sell some budget power supplies without this explosive name. The most basic 25° 400W non-80plus model will also have much more powerful siblings, and the 80+ Standard and 80+ Bronze series will get new buddies as well.

The new units appeared in recent documents from Weishuo Electronics, HEC's main factory. They are the OEM for EVGA's current non-80plus unit, the 80+ Standard series, and the 80+ Bronze "B" series.

Fragment of the document with new units (load table values not accurate)
Fragment of the document with new units (load table values not accurate)

Here's what EVGA's current low-end lineup looks like:

Series Efficiency OEM Released units: Planned units:
N1 None (for 400W) HEC 400 550 650 750
W 80+ Standard HEC 430W 500W 600W 700W
B 80+ Bronze HEC 500B 600B 700B 450B 800B

Since EVGA 700B is already using a DC-DC regulated design rather than outdated group regulation used in 500W and 600B, the new 800B will most likely use the same DC-DC platform.

The 700W 80+ Standard unit isn't likely to use the DC-DC design from 700B, but downgraded to lower efficiency - such unit wouldn't make a lot of sense on today's market. It seems most probable that it will use a basic group regulated design.

The new N1 units are the most puzzling - the 400W model doesn't pass any 80+ standard, is rated at only 25 degrees C (although it worked fine at 39C in Jonnyguru.com testing) and comes with 2 year warranty. 

The 550, 650 and obviously the 750W model must use a much higher standard than that, but we wonder if that won't dilute EVGA's lineup even more than it already is. The 80+ Standard "W" units are already quite basic, so there's not a lot of space to go even lower.

EVGA BD and BQ series

Remember that EVGA also has two completely new series in plans: BD and BQ. To read more about them, refer to these articles from a few months ago:

EVGA expands their lineup with GQ and BD series

EVGA also creates BD line

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