EVGA to expand their lineup with the GQ series manufactured by FSP [UPDATE: also prepares BD line by HEC)

Posted on September 13, 2015, 13:02

# After expanding the G2 series to lower wattage levels, EVGA doesn't stop and is already preparing their next release - the GQ series.

This time they're giving Super Flower and Seasonic a break, and the new series is manufactured by FSP. Four units are confirmed for now - 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W, all achieving 80+ Gold certification efficiency levels.

Series Model OEM Efficiency
SuperNOVA GQ 650 GQ
FSP 80+
750 GQ
850 GQ
1000 GQ

FSP is a manufacturer with much more experience than Super Flower, Seasonic or even HEC Compucase (EVGA's other ODM partners), but as always, the performance will depend on the design that EVGA and FPS decide to use. Besides that, not much is known about the new series at this moment. Here are some of the possibilities relating to the internal design:

  • The EVGA GQ 850W/1000W units may use FSP's Aurum PT platform, cut-down from 80+ Platinum to 80+ Gold efficiency levels.
  • The lower wattage models (650W, 750W, and perhaps 850W) might use the design from Hydro G, a successful line by FSP released not too long ago.
  • The "Q" in the series name could indicate a quad-12V rail design, targeted towards multi-rail enthusiasts.
  • They will likely feature warranty shorter than EVGA's flagship series - the G2/P2/T2 lines with 10 year warranty.

Stay tuned and watch out for more details about EVGA GQ in the future. [Update 09/16: Information about 650GQ and 750GQ added]

[Update 09/16]

EVGA BD series

EVGA GQ isn't the only new line by EVGA we'll get to see soon - their lower end offering will also get a refresh. EVGA BD line consists of five units, ranging from 450W to 850W. They will all be manufactured by HEC (Compucase) at their sizeable Weishuo Electronics factory with capability to push out lots of units and meet high quantity demands.

HEC is a large company that has been manufacturing EVGA's 400W-600W 80+ Standard series, their 500B/600B/700B units, as well as some of EVGA's units from the SuperNOVA series.

Series Model OEM Efficiency
BD series 450 BD
HEC 80+

550 BD

650 BD

750 BD
850 BD

Considering the line's wide power range, the series most probably won't be uniform internally, and the higher power units will use a different design than the lower ones. Usually the stronger units use synchronous rectification scheme with DC-DC converters that generate the minor rails, with an LLC resonant converter implemented on the primary side to boost efficiency (that seemingly isn't the case here, seeing how they're all only 80+ Bronze) with the lower end units using a more basic design with group voltage regulation.

Enthusiasts should hope that none of EVGA's new units will use the outdated group regulation scheme, and will instead implement independent voltage regulation by one of the possible ways - if not through DC-DC converters, then at least by dual magnetic amplifiers for the minor rails.

That's all there is to say about EVGA BD series for now. Stay tuned for more details.

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