EVGA will launch yet another line - BQ by HEC

Posted on November 11, 2015, 13:17

evga.PNGApparently EVGA just can't stop thinking of new lines. Two months ago, you've heard that they plan to launch the GQ 80+ Gold line by FSP and BD 80+ Bronze line by HEC.

Last Monday we could see how the 850W GQ performs and what's inside, while the BD line is still mysterious and unreleased. The BQ line will soon join the party.

OEM and design

It's comprised of five models ranging from 450W to 850W and with efficiency rating of 80+ Bronze - just like the BD series. They will be built by HEC too, in their main factory at Weishuo Electronics.

For now it's not known what internal design they will use, but just like the BD series, it seems very likely that the series will be split - the lower wattage models, ranging from 450W to 550W (or 650W) will most likely use a different, "smaller" platform that the higher powered units.

Naming monikers and possible solutions

EVGA hasn't been using "D" or "Q" letters in their series names so far. They use a "2" to differentiate the B2/G2/P2/T2 series by Super Flower from the G1/B1 series by FSP and GS series by Seasonic. Up until now, you could think that with the launch of the GQ series, they will start using the "Q" for future new units by FSP, but now that the BQ line shares the letter too, that's obviously not the case. 

It would make sense for the BQ and GQ lines to have something in common - and since it's not the OEM, it could be the cable configuration. The GQ is EVGA's first line since a long time that features semi-modular cables instead of fully modular ones. Having that in mind, and also noticing how similar the upcoming BD and BQ lines seem to be, it sounds like the difference between them might be an addition of semi-modular cables in the Q variant. 

Or, said in short: the BD and BQ series may be two variants of the same units, one with fixed cables, and the other with modular ones - just like Corsair does with their CXxxxM units or Be Quiet with their CM-suffixed units. It doesn't look like the BQ series is going to be something extremely different than the BD series instead, so this explanation sounds plausible.

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Here's what EVGA's new and upcoming lineup looks like so far:

Series Model OEM Platform Internal photo Efficiency Cables
BD series
450 BD
HEC Unknown


550 BD

650 BD

750 BD
850 BD
BQ series

450 BQ
HEC Unknown


550 BQ

650 BQ

750 BQ
850 BQ
650 GQ
FSP Unknown

750 GQ
850 GQ Custom



1000 GQ


Factory documents including the BQ series<br/>
Factory documents including the BQ series
(Load tables do not apply to the final products)
Emphasis by the article author


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