Gigabyte gets back into PSU business; new 80+ Gold series by CWT appears

Posted on December 30, 2015, 11:01

#Gigabyte used to have a few hot PSU lines several years ago - not only because of pure performance and build quality, but also thanks to original ideas. For example, they already had units with software monitoring capability back in 2007, way before it got so popular as it is now. They weren't doing anything interesting in the last few years, but that may change with their newest series, which we were able to spot.

Historically, all of Gigabyte's PSU model numbers started with either "GE" or "GZ". This line begins with "GP", and includes seven units ranging from 450W to 750W with 50W difference between each pair.

Gigabyte's new line<br>
Gigabyte's new line
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The power gaps are small, but it's typical for PSU companies to do this in the documents. It's likely that the market will see this new series in the usual 450W/550W/650W/750W flavours, with a reasonable 100W difference.

Model OEM Platform Platform design
Efficiency +12V capacity




LLC resonant
converter primary

synchronous rectification
and DC-DC converters
on secondary side

optional digital monitoring


GP-G550H 45A
GP-G600H 49A
GP-G650H 53A
GP-G700H 58A
GP-G750H 62A

All units will use CWT's newest GPS platform, which we have already seen in Deepcool ST and Thermaltake Smart DPS G Gold.

The design is highly customizable, with a wide range of capacitor choices available (rather mediocre in the Deepcools, and high end in the Thermaltakes) and optional digital monitoring allowing for real-time display of various statistics such as voltages or input/output power.

Knowing Gigabyte's affection to software monitoring, it feels particularly plausible that they will opt for the variant with these capabilities.

It's much too early for official press releases, so there is no info on price, availability, warranty length or cable configuration. It's always lovely to have another good option in choosing PSUs, so let's hope Gigabyte's new line will be priced attractively and perform well.

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