Rosewill unexpectedly turns to Andyson to make the Glacier series


The Glacier series includes six models, ranging from 500W to 1200W, all of them 80+ Bronze certified and semi-modular. Rosewill didn't use their usual cooperators (Super Flower, ATNG, Sirfa), but asked Andyson instead. This OEM has recently started making big steps to improve their public face, so it's certainly interesting how will these new mid-end units for Rosewill perform.

The Glacier units have been on Newegg since the first half of January, but they left no hints as to who the OEM might be. If you were to guess, you could say that what can be seen through the back grille looks a little like a certain Enhance design, but this is not the case.

Model OEM Platform Operating voltage Operating temperature
Efficiency +12V capacity Cables Number of PEG connectors
Glacier-500M Andyson Name unknown as of yet
40*C 80+ Bronze 37A
Semi modular
2x 6+2pin
Glacier-600M 45A
Glacier-700M 53A
4x 6+2pin
Glacier-850M Name unknown as of yet 70A
Glacier-1000M 83A
6x 6+2pin
Glacier-1200M 100A

Unfortunately, the specification of the first three units suggests group voltage regulation, which isn't anything to write poems about. The competition has already started putting out competitive designs with independently regulated voltages, like Cooler Master GM series and Antec VPF series, which both use DC-DC regulation modules at the secondary side.


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