Seasonic's completely new platform appears in units by EVGA and Cyonic


Many people anticipated the new EVGA units to be Seasonic G series rebrands, but it turns out this is not the case. Seasonic recently showed us their freshened X-series and P-series platforms, the KM3S and XP2S, also used in the new EVGAs. Now we have a chance to see their newest design used in their own upcoming power supplies, and also in certain models by EVGA and by Cyonic.

PCPerspective was the first site to get ahold of the new EVGA 550GS and 650GS. They feature fully modular cabling, compact dimensions and an ECO mode switch, which allows for semi-fanless operation. The interior uses a new design from Seasonic, which unfortunately doesn't seem to have an official name yet.

Photo courtesy of PCPerspective

If you look at the component layout, it does look a bit like the G platform with some components moved around a bit:

Seasonic G
Seasonic G
Clockwise, starting from the bottom:
Transient filter,
bridge rectifier,
PFC heatsink,
PFC coil,
hold-up capacitor,
switcher heatsink,
LLC resonant converter components,
main and standby transformers,
secondary side +12V rectifiers (underside of the PCB),
secondary side minor rail DC-DC converters

The actual part models are unknown for now, so there's still something left to imagination.

Notice how Seasonic used exceptionally thick cables connecting the main PCB with the modular panel on their new platform, instead of thinner wires in the original Seasonic G. That's a very good decision, as it will prevent voltage drop even further. The v-sense wires that Seasonic uses on their modular panels will also help to keep the voltages as straight as possible.

With no surprise, you can also discover that every capacitor, both electrolytic and polymer type, is top of the line - from Nippon Chemi-Con.

Performance isn't miraculous;heck PCPer's test results for all the details. In short: 3% load regulation at +12V, 2% at +5V, and 3.6% at 3.3V on the 650W unit. Such results are definitely not what we're used to see from Seasonic, but as more reviews pop up these values will get verified further.

The ripple well controlled: 40mv at +12V and single-digit values at the minor rails.


Cyonic is a relatively new company that "strives to stand out by constantly being in motion and providing a global reach", as their mission statement says. Right now they only sell power supplies, and they certainly made a good choice of choosing Seasonic as their OEM partner. Until now, the only available line of PSUs by Cyonic was the Arise series, based on the Seasonic G design. Their offer will now also include six models based on the new Seasonic's platform, which hereby gets an imaginary temporary name for the purpose of the table.

Model OEM Platform Power Operating voltage Efficiency +12V capacity Cables Number of PEG connectors
AU-450(x) Seasonic "GS" 450W Universal
80+ Gold 37A

Fully modular (x)
2x 6+2pin
(one cable)
AU-550(x) 550W
AU-650(x) 650W 54A
4x 6+2pin
(two cables, two connectors per cable)



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