Two new PSUs by SilentiumPC spotted

Posted on March 14, 2016, 22:09

#SilentiumPC continues to expand their high-end offer with two new 80+ Gold 550W units.

The upper half of their PSU lines consists of the Enduro FM1 550W and 650W, both achieving 80+ Gold efficiency level, and a single Supremo M1 550W (which is being phased out) with the same certificate.

The new PSUs are Supremo L2 550W 80Plus Gold and Supremo M2 550W 80Plus Gold. They appeared in ECOVA's 80+ testing certificates a few days ago. As their name suggests, one of them will be semi-modular and the other non-modular, and they both will have the Gold efficiency certificate. The OEM, platform, release date, price, and all other details are unavailable for now.


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