XFX will rebrand Seasonic's flagship Prime Titanium/Platinum/Gold line as the XFX XTI, XTS2 and XTR2 series

Posted on August 11, 2016, 21:20

#In a move that is hardly surprising, XFX decided to cash in on the performance and quality of Seasonic's newest flagship series, and will release three lines of rebranded Prime power supplies.

It seems like XFX goes all-in, and will have the majority of Seasonic's Prime models available under their brand. The XTI line is going to have 600W/650W/750W/850W/1000W Prime Titanium units, the XTS2 line will have 400W/650W/750W/850W/1000W Prime Platinum units, and the XTR2 line will consist of 650W/750W/850W/1000W/1200W Prime Gold rebrands. This is a leak, so there is no official information about release dates, appearance, cables, or other parameters. Seasonic has only released three models from the Prime Titanium line (and none from the Prime Platinum/Gold) so far, so the XFX models are expected to launch after the OEM brand gets them to market first.

Series Model, 80+ Seasonic source name Platform OEM platform reference
XTI 600W
SSR-600TL (fanless) Prime Titanium



XTI 650W SSR-650TD
XTI 750W SSR-750TD
XTI 850W SSR-850TD
XTI 1000W SSR-1000TD
XTS2 400W
SSR-400PL (fanless) Prime Platinum Seasonic Prime Platinum
not released yet
XTS2 650W SSR-650PD
XTS2 750W SSR-750PD
XTS2 850W SSR-850PD
XTS2 1000W SSR-1000PD
XTS2 1200W SSR-1200PD
XTR2 650W
SSR-650GD Prime Gold Seasonic Prime Gold
not released yet
XTR2 750W SSR-750GD
XTR2 850W SSR-850GD
XTR2 1000W SSR-1000GD
XTR2 1200W SSR-1200GD

These are the models confirmed for now. As you can see, the XTI 600W and XTS2 400W are rebranded Primes ending in TL and PL, not TD and PD - that means those units are fanless, just like Seasonic's own models.

Only one Seasonic Prime unit has been reviewed so far - the Titanium 750W. The reviews at HardOCP and KitGuru look very promising, and we're eagerly waiting for availability of more models from Seasonic's - and now also XFX' - offer.

To have an overview on the whole XFX portfolio, click here. To see the same thing for Seasonic, click here. To see a big list of PSU platforms, click here.

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